Dealing With A Noisy Metal Garage Door


Waking up due to a loud garage door squeaking is not something that anyone desires to experience, especially when the noise is coming from a neighbor's house. Unfortunately, such a situation can happen when a garage door is old or has parts attached to it that are not functioning properly. Metal garage doors can make more noise than wooden ones when they are in bad shape, especially if they are not insulated. If the noise coming from your metal garage door has led to neighbors complaining about it, don't hesitate to get the problem fixed, as it could be an HOA violation as well. The information below will give you an idea in regards to whether your metal garage door can be repaired or if a replacement is wiser.

The Metal Door Is Buckling

Buckling is one of the problems that can arise with a garage door and can cause it to make a lot of noise. Basically, when a door begins to buckle, it develops a bent look or bulge. The bulge in the door can cause it to become misaligned on the tracks, which leads to a struggle when it is moving. For example, if you try to open a garage door that is buckling, it might make a lot of noise due to being forced to move down the tracks. If your door is buckling, you might be able to get one or more panels repaired, but purchasing a new one is more likely if the area of concern is large.

You Can See a Spring Swinging

If you see a coiled spring swinging at the top of your garage door, it is a good indicator of why your garage door is making noise. The spring is swinging because it has become loose and must be reattached to the door. If you are still able to open and close the door from the opener or switch, there is likely a second spring attached that hasn't snapped yet. The noise that the door is making might be due to the door being misaligned due to a snapped spring or because the door is moving too fast because it is only supported by one spring now. A professional must be hired to repair the spring because it is a dangerous job and the other one can snap in the process and swing with a lot of force.

Frequent Repairs Are Necessary

It is stressful to need frequent repairs in order to keep a garage door functional. The repairs can also accumulate to a lot of money being spent. If you constantly have to get your garage door repaired, it is wise to get a new one installed, included all of the parts that are attached to it.


15 January 2021

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