This Is Why Your Garage Door Just Opened When You And The Remote Were Nowhere Near It


No one ever wants to see their garage door open on its own. You're not near the controls, the remote is in your bag, and no family members are nearby, which means something is wrong. A number of potential causes are simple to fix, though, so once you get over the weirdness of seeing the door move on its own, investigate these potential reasons. Once you find the cause, you can call the garage door company and get the opener or remote fixed.

Multiple Openers on Similar Frequencies

A garage door opener installer won't knowingly put two nearby openers on the same channel, but the installer who worked on your door is likely not the same person who worked on your neighbors' garage doors. That means there's a risk that you and a neighbor have openers on the same channel, so their remote opened your door. You can see if your remote opens another neighbor's garage door, and then warn that neighbor while contacting the garage door company to get the channel on your opener adjusted.

Purse Operation

Just as brick-style cellphones were subject to unwanted dialing when stored in a pocket, so too can garage door opener remotes accidentally operate the door when stuck in a purse or bag. Something hits the button when the remote is close enough to the door to get the door moving. You can buy cases to store the remote in so that nothing around the remote accidentally hits the button. And really, if this is the cause of the door opening by itself, you really do want to get that case. The remote also makes the door close, and you don't want an accidental press of the button to bring the door down on the car. There are sensors in the door that will make it move back up, but even the view of the door coming down is frightening. Get a case for the remote.

Damaged or Defective Remote

It's also possible that the remote is damaged or defective, making the components inside super sensitive to vibrations and impacts. Whatever pieces work together to signal the garage door opener to start working could be set in motion simply because you set the remote down on a tabletop too hard. This is not how the remote should function, so it's best to contact the garage door company that installed the opener and get a replacement remote. If you elect to keep this one, use it as a spare, and don't store it with batteries inside to prevent battery leakage in the remote.

Your garage door opener is a vital part of keeping your home safe and secure. It has to work well so that you can get your car out when needed and drive it back inside without a problem. The door needs to close securely, too, to prevent the risk of theft and loss. If the door is opening on its own, call a garage door company to inspect the opener and remote.

Contact a local service provider to learn more about garage door openers.


30 November 2022

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