Signs You Need To Repair Your Garage Door Cable


The majority of garage doors employ a pulley as well as a huge tensioned spring mechanism to raise and lower the hefty garage. The garage door cables hold the door and its pulley drums together so that the spring's tension force will lift and lower the door. Each time you open or close your garage door, they interact and move. They are thus among the most frequently repaired parts. Fortunately, there are several warning signals to watch out for that can let you know whether garage door cable repair is necessary.

Unstable Bearings

The bearings that the cables for garage doors move through may occasionally develop defects. If it does occur, your cables suffer from severe wear and strain. This may be observed in a number of ways. When the door is operating, you could hear crushing or screeching in the bearings. Also possible are obvious stains or corrosion on the cables directly. Even a faint burning odor could be present. All of these signs point to a bad bearing.


The off-center alignment of your door may indicate a problem with cables. If the door is out of line, you will be able to spot it, and it may be challenging to lift and lower. The door may jerk instead of lifting evenly. If the door is off track, you could also hear scraping if it is colliding with other materials.

Big Bang

If your garage experiences a loud Banging and you investigate but are unable to determine the source, your garage door may be to blame. Extreme pressure is being placed on the spring that is connected to the wires of the garage door. An intense noise could be produced if the spring or wires aren't working properly. Call a professional in garage door cable repair if you detect a sound similar to this and are unclear of its source.

The cables on your garage door are one of its most important components, and you should be aware of the signs that they may need to be repaired. Unstable bearings, alignment issues, and a loud banging noise are all indicative of a problem with the cables. If you are unsure of the source of the noise, it is best to call a professional. They will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and get your door working again in no time.

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29 September 2022

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