Good Garage Door Maintenance Can Help Your System Last Longer


When it comes to garage door repair, it could be years in between the times you need to call for help. Your garage door system is pretty simple. The door goes up; the door goes back down. Take the time to look over your garage door system when it is running well, and you are more likely to keep your garage door in good shape. Cleaning the track with a strong brush, making sure sensors are properly aligned, and watching out for problems can all help you avoid a garage door emergency. When you inspect your garage door, the track, and rollers before you have an issue, you may be able to stop problems before they occur.

Lubricate Your Wheels

Once you clean the tracks that your garage door wheels ride along, it's time to lubricate the wheels. If you find wheels that are loose or broken, you'll need to tighten or replace the wheels. If you aren't sure how, call a residential garage door specialist to get the work done for you. Once you lubricate the wheels, you may notice that your garage door opens and closes with less noise.

Check For Loose Brackets

The brackets hold your garage door tracks in place. If a bracket becomes loose or falls off, this will cause a problem with how your door opens and closes. If you find missing brackets, you need to replace the brackets so both of your tracks are parallel. Brackets become loose because of the vibrating action caused when your garage door opens and closes.

When Your Door Is Tough to Open

The tension springs on your garage door make it possible for your door to open and close manually with only a few pounds of pressure. If it is hard to open or close your garage door, there is a problem with the springs. These should never be adjusted by the homeowner, as they can snap. If a tension spring snaps, your garage door will slam down to the ground. Call for help when you have trouble opening your door manually.

You can help your garage door system work longer with good maintenance. When you have a problem with your garage door that you are not able to solve, it's time to get the help you need from a professional. Avoid getting stuck in your garage or having your garage door slam down unexpectedly by having an expert look at your system.


15 January 2019

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