Installing New Hangar Doors? How to Ensure Proper Performance & Safety


If you have a landing strip on your property for your private plane, and you're installing a hangar, you'll want to spend some time choosing the right hydraulic hangar doors. While hangar doors may look like standard garage doors, they're anything but standard. Hydraulic hangar doors are manufactured specifically to maintain the safety and security of your airplane. They're also designed to withstand winds, and other forces that your hangar will come up against. To make sure that your hydraulic hangar doors are up to the task at hand, you'll need to choose wisely. Here are four steps you should follow when choosing your hangar doors.

Always Choose Steel

When it comes to choosing your hangar doors, the most important decision you'll make will be in regards to the material they're manufactured out of. While there are other materials to choose from, if you want your doors to withstand high winds and other elemental problems, you'll want to choose steel. Choosing hangar doors made from an all-steel construction, will ensure maximum strength and durability.

Check the Safety Sensors

Your hangar doors are going to be opening and closing when people are present. To make sure they're secure, and that they don't pose safety hazards for the people in the area, be sure to check on the specific safety sensors that your doors are equipped with. For maximum protection, you should choose doors that are equipped with safety-sensing edges. Safety sensing edges monitor the area from floor level. Once something breaks the beam, the doors stop and reverse. Without this safety feature, your hangars doors will continue to close even if someone, or something, is in the way.

Pay Attention the the Latch Systems

When it comes to the safety of your hangar doors, you also want to pay close attention to the latch systems. To ensure safe operation, you'll need to choose a door that has both an automatic latch and a manual latch. The manual latch ensures that the door won't function until the latch is manually released. This dual action will prevent accidental activation.

Insist on Annual Maintenance Checkups

Your hangar doors are going to get a lot of use. To keep up with that use, they're going to need routine maintenance. To make sure your doors are able to function properly, you should insist on annual maintenance checkups, regardless of whether you're experiencing problems with its performance, or not. For more information on maintenance checkups, contact services such as Alamo Hangar Doors.


7 December 2017

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