Steel Garage Door Rust Removal and Prevention


If you have a steel garage door, then you may notice some of the enamel paint coming off the exterior. Enamel is typically quite durable and resistant to wear, but it will wear away over time. When this happens, you may see rust starting to build on the door. Thankfully, you can remove this rust, restore the door, and prevent future corrosion from forming. Keep reading to learn how to do this.

Removing Rust and Painting the Door

The first thing you will need to do when you notice the rust on your steel garage door is to remove it. The best way to do this is to use a rust-removing product. These products contain strong chemicals like phosphoric or hydrochloric acid to dissolve the rust. You will need to use protective gear that includes goggles, rubber gloves, and a respirator when working with these materials. If you do not want to work with these types of caustic acids, then choose an acid-free rust remover that uses selective chelation to remove the rust. This process allows compounds in the rust remover to bond to the rust on a molecular level so it releases from the garage door. 

Apply whichever rust remover you desire to the rusty areas of your garage door. Use dish soap and hot water to clean the door afterwards. Look for any rust spots that remain and use a piece of 320 or 440 fine grit sandpaper to release the rust. Continue to lightly sand the rust-free door with the sandpaper to roughen the surface so that paint will adhere to it. Use a degreasing agent like trisodium phosphate to clean the door to make sure that oils from your skin and other foreign matter are removed from the metal.

At this time, you will be almost ready to paint. First look to see if the garage door contains any small indentations or pot marks where the rust was removed. If so, purchase a high-build filler primer spray from your local home or automotive store. These products are typically sold for use on vehicle bodies that need to be smoothed out. Choose a white or gray variety so it does not show through after a top coat of paint is added. You will also need to purchase the top coat of paint. Opt for an enamel-based product or purchase a rust-prevention type of paint. Spray varieties are best for easy application. One or two coats of this paint will be needed over two coats of the primer. 

Install a Seal

The very bottom of your garage door is most susceptible to damage and corrosion as it hits the hard garage floor. The easiest way to prevent this type of damage, and the formation of rust, is to add a seal or lip on the bottom of the door. These products are typically flexible vinyl lips that can be added to the bottom edge of the garage door with the assistance of screws or adhesive materials. While screws may be ideal for vinyl or wood doors that are resistant to rust, they can open the steel door to corrosion. To prevent this, opt for an adhesive-applied seal or lip.

Garage door seals can be purchased from your local home store. Just make sure to measure the length of your door before purchasing one. You will also need some weatherstripping adhesive or polyurethane adhesive. Both of these materials are elastic and able to create a tight seal to keep moisture from slipping around the sides of the seal.

Once you have purchased your materials, use a pair of scissors to cut the seal to size. Place a generous amount of your adhesive along the inside of the seal and press it against the bottom of your garage door. Look for any areas where the adhesive oozes out from the lip and use mineral spirits or turpentine to remove it before it can solidify on the door.

For more tips on how to take care of rust on a steel garage door or to replace your door entirely, speak with a representative from an establishment like A AAA Allstate Door Company.


19 February 2016

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