5 Reasons Your Automatic Garage Door Won't Open Or Close


Automatic garage doors are a great invention, but just like any machine, they can break. If your garage door won't open or close, it isn't very useful, so check out these five reasons your automatic garage door won't open and what you should do.

The Sensor Is not Property Aligned

If your automatic garage door won't shut, there may be something wrong with the sensor. Automatic garage doors have electronic eyes that shoot an invisible beam across the garage door to each other. If something is in the way, the beam won't reach the other side, and the door won't shut. If the electronic eyes are dirty or misaligned, the beam may not reach its destination. Use a cloth to clean any dirt from the eye. If that doesn't fix the problem, check to see if the eyes are pointed at each other. The eyes should be mounted on thin metal that can easily become bent. Bend this piece of metal while testing the door until it closes.

The Wires Are Loose

In some cases, you may have a loose wire that is preventing the door from opening or closing. Start by identifying the wires coming out of the control box on the ceiling. These wires run to different areas, including the manual switch and the electronic eyes. To test if the wires are loose, wiggle each one a few inches away from the connection points while testing the door. The loose wire should work when you wiggle it. To fix the loose wire, turn off the power to the garage door and tighten the wire with a screwdriver.

A Spring Is Broken

One of the most common reasons your door won't open is there is something wrong with the springs. Garage doors have either extension or torsion springs. Extension springs run above the garage door tracks on the ceiling. Torsion springs run parallel to the top of the closed garage door. Torsion springs are more durable and last longer than extension springs, but both eventually wear down. They may break, snap or become loose. As a result, your garage door loses the counterweight needed to open. To fix a broken spring, call a professional. Attempting to fix it on your own could cause serious injury or damage.

One or More Gears Are Stripped

If your garage door makes an unusual humming noise when you try to open or close it, there may be one or more stripped gears. If your garage door was installed by a skilled professional, you shouldn't see this problem because stripped gears usually occur when the door is too heavy for the opener. Unskilled garage door technicians or do-it-yourselfers, however, may install a garage door opener that just isn't strong enough. You can just replace the stripped gears, but if your garage door really is too heavy for the opener, it's best to just replace the opener or you're going to have the same problem again soon.

The Tracks Are Warped

One last reason your garage door may not open is there is something wrong with the tracks. It may be something as simple as there is a lot of debris inside the tracks. However, the tracks may become warped or misaligned. In cold weather, metal contracts, so your metal tracks may shrink, making it difficult for the rollers to move. Damage can cause the tracks to become misaligned. You may be able to add some lubrication or hammer out some small dents to fix the problem, but for serious misalignment issues, contact a professional.

If your garage door won't open or close, it's time to get it fixed. In many cases you can repair garage door issues yourself, but if you are unsure, always contact a professional. Call a specialist in your area today or click here to schedule a repair.


5 November 2015

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