Garage Door Opener Stolen? Take Steps To Protect Your Home


If someone breaks into your car and steals your garage door opener, take steps to protect your home now. Recently, a number of homeowners in different states, such as Colorado, experienced home invasions after someone stole their garage door openers. The thieves use the openers to enter and vandalize homes during the day. If you don't take precautions now by changing out your garage door opener or installing protective features on your garage door, you can experience theft and vandalism as well. Here's how you protect your home.

Clean the Codes From the Main Motor

It's essential that you remove all codes from your garage door's main motor to keep thieves from accessing your garage. The main motor sends out signals to your stolen garage door opener. If thieves walk by your property or hide somewhere on your property, they can open the garage when you leave home. 

It's also possible for the thieves to use your garage door opener to obtain new access codes from your main motor. The thieves use special technology to hack into the garage door's motor through the opener. In most cases, the thieves can obtain a new code within 10 seconds or less of trying. Wiping the motor clean prevents thieves from changing your old code and obtaining a new one.

Here's how you do it:

  • Locate the garage door's main motor, which is located on the long arm attached to the door and ceiling. Use a step ladder to reach the motor.
  • Find the "learn" indicator button on the motor's control system. The button appears a bright green or yellowish-green color when lit.
  • Place your index finger on the button, then press and hold it for about six seconds.
  • Release the button once the light goes out.

You successfully wiped clean your garage door's main motor and protected your home from vandalism and theft.

Use an Advanced Garage Door Opener

When you're ready to replace your stolen garage door opener, contact a garage door installation specialist for services. Although you can find replacement openers on the Internet, you need to use a device that thieves can't use, steal or hack into easily. You also need a device that's compatible with the main motor, or else it won't open up the door properly or safely. You need an advanced garage door opener.

Advanced garage door openers come with unique features that block hackers from changing their codes. Features, such as lockout security codes, only allow you to change the codes to your opener through a private pin number and access key code. You choose a unique pin or access key code that only you know.

Some advanced garage door openers are small enough to place in your purse or pocket. By keeping your opener in these locations, you reduce the chances of someone stealing it. You can also replace your current main motor with an advanced device that's only compatible with your new opener for added protection.

The motor features a lockout system that senses when someone attempts to change or override your unique pin or access key code. If a hacker manages to steal your new garage door opener, they still can't use it to enter and vandalize your house. A garage door installation contractor can help you find the best openers and main motors for your garage.

After you replace your stolen garage door opener and change the main motor, reinforce your garage doors to keep persistent thieves out of your home. Installing reinforced steel or composite wood garage doors makes it difficult for criminals to enter your home. The doors feature several layers of steel or wood, tough inner cores and thick exterior coatings that can withstand heavy forces, such as kicking and hammering. Your contractor can provide a listing of their products to help you choose the right doors for your garage

For more information about replacing your stolen garage door opener or installing protective doors, contact a contractor, such as those found at, for more information and services.


4 November 2015

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