Install An Insulated Garage Door Instead Of Replacing A Single Panel


Most garage door repairs are affordable, with the average cost of a repair running homeowners between $200 and $300, according to Home Improvement Educator. This range, however, is brought down by simple fixes that don't cost much, like realigning sensors and adjusting automatic openers. Some repairs, particularly replacing broken garage door panels, cost a lot more. If you have a garage door panel that needs to be replaced, consider having your entire garage door replaced with an insulated garage door instead of replacing the one panel.

Replacing a panel is expensive

Minor dings and dents in a garage door panel can often be fixed without replacing the panel. If a garage door panel has seriously been damaged, though, it will need to be replaced. Even though a single panel can be replaced, installing just one panel is still a pricey proposition. Home Improvement Educator reports the following costs for installing garage door panels:

  • 9-foot panels cost between $250 and $500

  • 16-foot panels run from $400 to $700

  • designer and custom panels can reach $1,000 or more

Installing an insulated garage door costs only a little more

Having an insulated garage door installed will cost a more than replacing one panel, but the price difference may be minimal. Angie's List reports that a double-walled steel garage door that measures 16 feet wide costs between $750 and $3,500. An insulated composite wood door of the same size usually runs between $1,200 and $2,200 installed.

Although a new door costs more than replacing one panel, the cost of an insulated steel or composite wood garage door is comparable to the price of replacing several panels. For instance, if your garage door has four panels and each one of them needs to be replaced at some time, you'll spend between $1,600 and $2,800 in total replacing them.  That is well within the price range for an insulated steel garage door, and it's on the high end of the range for a composite wood door.

If your garage door is older and worn, it may not be worth investing $400 to $700 in a new panel. You might be better off purchasing a brand new, insulated door that will last longer than your current door will.

Insulated garage doors reduce energy costs

The price difference between a single panel and an insulated door becomes even smaller over time, because an insulated garage door will reduce your home's energy costs. Even if you don't heat your garage, energy is still lost through it. In the coming cold months of winter, heat will escape through your garage's door.

By protecting against heat loss, an insulated garage door will save you money on your utility bills each month. The savings may seem small when compared to the cost of installing a door. Over the life of the door, though, they'll add up to be a significant sum.

Of course, an insulated garage door will also help reduce your utility bills next summer if you live in a hot climate. It'll help keep your garage cool, so heat from your garage doesn't warm up the rest of your house. How much an insulated garage door reduces your air conditioning costs in summer will depend on what direction your garage faces. If your garage door looks south or west, and gets lots of direct sunlight, an insulated garage door could be especially beneficial.

If a panel on your garage door was recently damaged, you'll need to get it repaired. Before deciding on the best way to repair the damage, though, talk with a garage door repair company about installing an insulated garage door. They'll be able to assess your specific door and determine whether it's an appropriate time to upgrade your garage door. Contact a company like AAA Garage Door, Inc. for more information.


2 November 2015

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